Karen Apostolina - Bio


     "Since taking Karen's Yoga classes, my agility and posture have improved greatly. She notices the so-called "little" things that really matter...and reminds us to "BREATHE". I am 77, and believe her classes are a vital part of my self-care. She is also a lot of fun!”

~Sharon Dellamarie (Client at the Roy & Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center)

   "There came a time for me when balance, stretching and mindfulness became a necessary part of my fitness routines. Yoga with Karen has given me a holistic approach to my fitness and health. Now I feel that my physical well being is balanced with and Eastern and Western orientation to good health. "
~ Cheryl Werble (Client at the Roy & Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center)

     "I love Karen's approach, which is both energizing and encouraging, especially for new yoga students. I found that, with her careful guidance and good humor, I was able to achieve far more than I thought I could. As a dancer and ballet instructor, I also appreciate how she helped me to understand the mind-body connection of yoga that I could then apply to my own work."

~Leigh Purtill (Leigh Purtill is a Los Angeles-based ballet instructor, choreographer and coach, and a published novelist)

"Karen is among a rare group of teachers that are generous with their knowledge and care deeply for each person in class.  Her calming approach to restoring body and mind are a gift to those seeking a safe and welcoming atmosphere to learn and unfold.  Karen’s background as a performer makes her keenly aware of the needs of people in the entertainment business and all would benefit from her teaching.”

~John Pennington (Choreographer and Artistic Director of both Pennington Dance Group and ARC Pasadena. Pennington enjoyed a 14-year career with Bella Lewitzky Dance Company as a performer and teacher, serves on faculty at Pomona College and Cal State Long Beach, and is co-director of the Lewitzky Dance Gallery)

     "Karen Apostolina is a wonderful, nurturing yoga teacher. Well versed and trained, she is also able to pull from many years as a professional dancer, actress and ballet teacher.  Comfortable with a single student or in front of a group and with all levels, she is a perfect choice to help artists prepare for performance, avoid injury and take care of problem areas. An artist needs not only to be physically prepared but also mentally at peace to perform at optimum levels. I am happy to give her my highest recommendation; she would be an asset to any organization."

~ Peggy Hickey (Professional Broadway choreographer, Faculty, UCLA Department of Theater, Film and Television)

"I took the greatest yoga class the other day, taught by Karen Apostolina at a small space in North Hollywood.  I was instantly transformed into a much needed, relaxed yet aware place - my mind and body so desperately needed.  Karen's beautiful soothing voice and her knowledge of yoga was the perfect combination.  She really helped me destress and I even learned a few new yoga positions. Her class was the perfect balance between getting a good workout and getting some meditation time in. I cannot wait to go back!!"

--Jackie Cowgill (Film and television voice over actress, based in Los Angeles)

      "I always enjoy the amazing way she relates and listens to us, her students, making us feel relaxed and guided. As a professional dancer with my own yoga practice I can say she is a fantastic teacher and would recommend her class to everyone. 
Her knowledge of the body and how we relate to our bodies is organically kinetic, giving her a way that is completely harmonious with her students and yogic practice.

--Candy Olsen (Dancer for Twyla Tharp, Celine Dion and numerous Broadway Shows: currently in American in Paris)

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